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Doradź siostrze, jaki prezent powinna kupić swojemu chłopakowi na urodziny.

Kate: Peter, I have a problem. Next Saturday I’m going to my boyfriend’s birthday. I don’t know what I should buy him. Could you advice me?

Peter: I don’t know your boyfriend. I don’t know what he likes. What is he like?

Kate: Oh, come on, Peter. Help me! You can tell me what would you like to get.

Peter: Let me think... I have a few ideas.

Kate: Tell me about them.

Peter: Firstly, you could buy him a compact disc or a cassette. I’m sure he likes listening to the music. You should know what kind of music he likes.

Kate: Yes, that’s a good idea.

Peter: Moreover, you can buy him a cup. There could be his name on this cup or a funny text or picture.

Kate: OK, I’ll think about it. What else?

Peter: Finally, a book is always a good present.

Kate: Yes, I know. Thank you. And what about a small toy - an animal or something like that?

Peter: Why not? I don’t like such presents, but if he likes them...


come on - przestań, daj spokój

let me think - niech pomyślę

firstly - przede wszystkim

moreover - ponadto

something like that - coś w tym rodzaju